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 Alberta general election, 1921

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PostSubject: Alberta general election, 1921   Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:27 pm

The Alberta general election of 1921 was the fifth general election for the Province of Alberta, Canada. It was held on July 18, 1921 to elect members to the 5th Alberta Legislative Assembly.

The Liberal Party of Charles Stewart, which had governed the province since its creation in 1905, was defeated by a surging United Farmers of Alberta, an agricultural lobby organization that was contesting its first general election. The UFA was lead by president, Henry Wise Wood , declined to take the leadership of the government and become Premier. The UFA's third choice, its vice president, Herbert Greenfield, agreed to do so, and sought election to the legislature in a by-election.

The popular vote in the election between the United Farmers and the Liberals and the minor parties was highly skewed. One voter in Edmonton and Calgary had the option of choosing up to five candidates, while Medicine Hat voters chose two candidates. All other districts remained one man one vote. The United Farmers swept most of the rural area while the opposition hung onto seats within the cities. No party ran a full slate of candidates.

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Alberta general election, 1921
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