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 Under the Light of the Moon - [Needs Male]

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PostSubject: Under the Light of the Moon - [Needs Male]    Fri Apr 08, 2011 11:53 pm

In the not-so-quiet town of New York, New York, there's lives an uncountable number of people. However, our story focuses on two of them, in their college years.

First, there's Lacey, a quiet, but an all around normal girl. She's very booksmart, academics to the max. While she she does have the best friend in the world, she feels lonely. She rarely shows it, but she does wish for someone to really connect with.

[::Guy::] has a secret. He sits in the back of the classroom, almost always. Though he hides himself from public view, leading most to believe he's an idiot, he holds one of the highest averages in the class. He seems almost rugged, and animalistic. While he never talks in school, after school, he has a small "Pack" of friends. They protect the streets without letting any of the Normals know about their wolfish qualities.

One day, they see each other in class like everyday, and Lacey decides to try to connect with him when they are assigned to work on a small project together. However, he seems distant. As they continue their project, he warms up to her, and they slowly become friends. Although they're friends, he always has something on the tip of his tongue and always seems like he wants to get away from her.

Lacey feels at ease with him, peaceful.
[::Guy::] feels like he's normal, and not a monster. But there's something under their ruse of a simple friendship, and one night, Lacey realizes what it is. She likes him.

However, Lacey's attempts to get closer than friends to
[::Guy::] are shot down, saying they weren't good for each other. This boy is hiding something, and Lacey is determined to find out what.
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Under the Light of the Moon - [Needs Male]
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