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 The Role Of The Moon In The Affairs Of Man

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PostSubject: The Role Of The Moon In The Affairs Of Man    Fri Apr 08, 2011 11:55 pm

The moon was very much in the news in the month of July 1969.
Practically everybody all over the world was transformed into an
Amateur lunar scientist, thanks to the memorable exploits of the
Apollo 11 astronauts.But the moon has always been an ever-present factor in human affairs throughout the age .This is born out by the copious line written on it by poets for whom it appears to have been a favorite theme.
The psalmist was simply awed by contemplating the moon as an object of God’creation.Says he:
‘When I look at the heavens ,the work of thine fingers ,the moon and the stars which thou has established; what is man that thou art mindful of him?’

Wandering ,waning ,harvest ,visiting,watery moon,men through the ages have pondered what the moon is really like.Yet a more profoundly difficult question was the birth of the moon.Where did it come from? Of what substance is it made? Just how did it come to be where it is today?

It is not poets alone who have shown interest in the moon through the ages.The ancient Phoenicians sailing their frail ships over the stormy Mediterranean Sea all the way to the Irish Sea to trade with Britain,before Roman times,depended on the moon not only to lighten their darkness at night but also to navigate by.The movement of tides,as every school boy knows is due to the gravitational pull of the moon,and all the sea-farers must take account of this phenomenon in determining the onset of their voyages and they are aware that they ‘must take the current while it serves,’ or lose their venture!

There are other practical uses of the moon,however,apart from sailing on the seas.Lovers,of course,love the moon best.Moon-light seems to enhance the ecstasy of their romance.It is certainly significant that the first days of a wedding are called Honey-Moon! But,sad to say,mankind has also made some foul uses of the moon.It is not generally known what a devilish role the moon was to play in the Second World War.

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The Role Of The Moon In The Affairs Of Man
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