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 Welcome to the refurbished, redecorated and new smelling Pic

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PostSubject: Welcome to the refurbished, redecorated and new smelling Pic   Mon Apr 11, 2011 12:35 pm

Time for the rules:

black bullet Nudity in ANY form is COMPLETELY PROHIBITED and will result in swift and sharp action by the Admins and Globals.

red bullet Offensive pictures, (such as gore, cruelty [people or animals] or violence) will be removed and reported to the Admins, who will take action against the members involved

green bullet All of the usual rules regarding foul language apply, so if you're paying anyone a compliment, or even if not, keep it clean, or action will be taken.

blue bullet Due to past events in this thread, anyone caught breaking the rules listed above will be met with a 24 hour ban without warning. If you're not sure about what you're posting, run the picture by a global first. Better safe than banned for something you thought was innocent enough.

Above all, Have fun and be nice! and don't mess up the new carpet too quickly. Wink

As with all lovely new threads, I am forced to start this thread off with a picture of my own. So in due spirit, here you go.

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Welcome to the refurbished, redecorated and new smelling Pic
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