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 Remembering Hollywood Legend Elizabeth Taylor

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PostSubject: Remembering Hollywood Legend Elizabeth Taylor   Mon Apr 11, 2011 5:38 pm

Elizabeth Taylor is hailed as the rare treasure in the world cinema and the most legendary in U.S movie history, she has enlivened more than 60 years in Hollywood, who is famous for her beautiful blue purple eye. She has won twice Oscar Academy Awards, although there are so many charming actresses in Hollywood, Elizabeth Taylor has a long-lasting charm. America lost one of the greatest stars in 23rd, March, 2011; she had been in poor health for many years.

All the people are very said, and we will always remember her. Although she has a legendary story in the screen, in the reality her married life was not roses all the way, she totally have seven times marriage, may the God almighty bless her forever, and she rest in peace!

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Remembering Hollywood Legend Elizabeth Taylor
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