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 The Calendar

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PostSubject: The Calendar   Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:39 am

We are having a small problem with our Calendar, it is a day early. So if it is your birthday, and you are all:

Wat da' hell, y is it not on here, gezzz.
hOly cowez why is ma' b-DAy one day earla'

Don't be!!!! We're trying to figure out the problem, but the hunt is not going so well because we sent out people to fix it, hoping it was an easy job. Sadly it was not, and know there all lost in a dich on I94, SO we wait till the life boat gets to them. . . .

Blood.. O.O Good mood Blood.. O.O So cute! Blood.. O.O Love at first sight Blood.. O.O Pwease..?
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The Calendar
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