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 Funny horse mask collecting

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PostSubject: Funny horse mask collecting   Tue Jan 29, 2013 5:31 pm

Share the pricture of horse head mask

It can say that I am the fans of horse head mask. I am collecting different kinds of horse head mask and do many funny things with them. Here, share together to see what we can do with the funny horse head mask ,pricture collecting , share with you here@@

Picture show with the horse head

Go to the park with the horse head, readying and sitting ,maybe so many people is looking at you now! Use the horse head mask to your pet dog, is it so cute and funny? haha~~~on the other hand, use the horse head to show your strong body to your girl friend, she will love you more than you can take with her to travel, of cause, you also can use the horse head mask when you driving, but please take care ~

See what other you can do with the horse head mask

Do you think the white horse head mask is cool also? I like the white color . See the picture show what you can do with the color. Working with the horse head, maybe it will take you more easy during the long working time. Relax and take a joking, happy working!

For girls, it's another style when you cook for your lover, isn't it? with the horse head to go to window shopping? also a better choice,right?

Share this horse head I bought from Amazon

Buy it from the Amazon, quality guarantee, also no need to worry much about the service.

Crazy Horse Mask, Latex Horse Head Costume, Accoutrements, White
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Funny horse mask collecting
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